The firm has expertise and has handled commercial arbitration matters on behalf of its clients. Our services in this area of practice include drafting of arbitration clauses, preparation of arbitration references, conduct of arbitration proceedings with or without intervention of courts in Pakistan and abroad, making of foreign and local arbitration awards. The firm’s lawyers possess the unique skills needed to handle international and local arbitration and litigation matters.
Advice on structuring and negotiating airline operation licenses and related contracts, aircraft lese contracts, contracts for appointment of general sales agents, both passenger and cargo, aircraft accident matters, claims for compensation and damages, court litigation between airlines and their agents.


The firm conducts legal audits for banks to ensure that all loans given by the bank are properly secured in terms of the section advice or offer letters. Loan documentation for commercial banks, investment banks and non banking financial institutions such as syndicated finance agreement, documentation for financial derivatives, documentation for term finance certificates, documentation for housing finance, documentation relating to morabaha, musharika and other Islamic finance products, lease agreements, hire purchase agreement and consumer finance agreements. The firm is representing financial institution in the banking and high courts of the country. Our team’s endeavor is to recover debt for our clients in shortest possible time.

The firm advises clients regarding national and international business transactions. Our lawyers counsel clients on issues including choice of corporate vehicle, structuring of constitutive documents, government consents, income and sales tax structure, repatriation regime and customs. We regularly advise foreign clients on establishing branches or local companies and act as their agents to represent them before various governmental departments. We advise and assist clients regarding issues that may arise during the running and operating a commercial enterprise, be it a small television cable operator or an international airline.

The firm has a team of lawyers who practice criminal law relation to white collar crimes, our team is adept and efficient in handling criminal matters at the stage of registration of FIR, investigation, bail and trial. We carry our clients through all these above stages all the way till appeal or revision in the High Courts and the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The firm is presently handling criminal matters for financial institutions and large industrial units.

Technology affects business practices and, for this reason, it can affect business law. Cyberspace, the internet, and the world wide web represent the latest in technology that is affecting commercial practices all over the world. The firm advises clients regarding e-contracts, cyberspace agreements, electronic transactions, jurisdictional issues, contents of web sites, trademark, data protection and copyright and other intellectual property issues in cyberspace. Members of the firm have served on government panels & committees constituted to make the country’s laws e-commerce friendly in the digital information age.

ENERGY (Oil, Gas & Electricity)
The firm offers legal advice to companies working in the oil, gas and electricity sector. The firm offers services to local ad well as foreign clients on a whole range of issues form privatization to legal aspects in corporate finance deals. The firm also has an impressive client list engaged in the business of marketing of petroleum and other products. The firm advises these clients on a variety of issues including obtaining licenses for marketing, storage and sale of petroleum products, contracts for setting up petrol stations and concessions for prospecting of oil and gas.

The spectrum of our environmental law practice is continuously expanding. We provide legal counsel regarding environmental standards, compliance with existing regulatory regime and representations before the environmental Tribunals.

The firm provides advice to local as well as foreign clients with respect to all types of international business and cross-border operations, including international sales, internet contracts, agency, licensing, distribution and franchising agreements of products and services, evaluation of local trade and commercial regimes for specific transactions between local and foreign clients and advice on tax related issues in international transaction.


The firm provides legal advice to foreign as well as local clients on all labor related issues including employee benefits, compensation, employment contracts, termination, settlements, plant closings and lay offs. We also represent our clients in disputes before the labour and other courts.

The firm maintains an active litigation practice and takes pride in being one of the few firms which has the resources and personnel to conduct litigation across the length & breadth of the country. We work with clients who, when faced with potential or actual litigation, rely on us to forge litigation strategies that are cost effective and speedy. Our services in this area have proven invaluable for many companies, banks, authorities and individuals whom we have served diligently and with integrity over the years. The services offered by the firm include quantifying and evaluating the risks, costs and benefits of commencing or vigorously defending litigation, exploring alternatives to litigation (where appropriate) representing clients at all level of judicial hierarchy administrative tribunals, and in arbitration and subject matters, including: breach of contracts, recovery matters, construction contracts, real estate disputes, patent, trademark, copyright infringement, filing constitutional petitions against unlawful administrative actions, unwarranted taxation and orders of tribunals suffering from jurisdictional or other legal defects and clearly and concisely communication with clients regarding the status of their litigation.

We advise clients in acquisitions divestitures, mergers and in joint ventures assisting them in selecting the best business structure to meet their particular interests taking into consideration pricing, tax, regulatory and liability issues. We also assist our clients in reorganizing and restructuring individual and joint undertakings and in compiling the necessary documentation. We also provide advice on sophisticated cross-border transactions, due diligence investigations and assessment of pending litigation, regulatory approvals, tax structuring and developing and negotiation purchase agreements. Upon request our lawyers assist interested clients in identifying businesses, including commercial banks, mutual funds, leasing companies that are for sale and then advise them through the complete sale transaction.

The firm has advised and assisted different clients in reviewing and implementing relevant mining concession and licensing regimes existing in the country. The firm has advised these clients on a variety of issues including obtaining licenses for mining; concession agreements and joint operating and implementation agreements, etc.

Today’s fast-paced; high-tech environment demands that inventors, creators and business owners pay special attention to protecting their inventions and creative designs. Our services in the field of patent law include patent and design infringement litigation, opinions on patentability and enforcement of rights. Our lawyers are capable of providing advice on patent and design matters in diverse areas of technology including electronics, telecom, mechanical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering.


The firm offers advice to local as well as foreign clients intending to participate in the privatization of state owned companies in Pakistan. The firm also counsels clients in conducting due diligence, getting governmental consents, arranging repatriations of funds, reviewing bidding documents ensuring compliance with local law regime affecting them and representing such clients before the privatization commission.

The firm routinely advises clients regarding sale and purchase of commercial and residential property and assists in negotiating, drafting, executing and registration of all documents required under the law. Our lawyers also verify title documents and claims to immovable property in order to protect clients from entering into fraudulent sale agreements. The firm is also advising clients on constituting and operating housing societies.

Tax implications are an important aspect in structuring commercial transactions. The firm advises clients on tax issues relating to commercial transactions like joint ventures, share purchase agreements, and purchase of businesses as running concerns. Our lawyers advise clients regarding tax implications connected with their investments in the local market.

The firm offers advice to many companies in the telecommunication sector. The firm’s client base in this sector ranges from companies involved in providing payphone services to companies having WWL network. The firm has also been involved in documentation of financial instruments for raising capital for telecommunication sector through equity and debt based instrument.

Brands are the lifeline of successful businesses. We advise our clients in brand selection, brand availability and clearance searches and provide wide ranging services to secure protection and maintenance of their rights in trademarks, logos, slogans and specialize in trademark and copyright licensing and assignment, infringement and enforcement litigation, domain name and internet related litigation, anti-counterfeiting actions before courts and administrative and enforcement authorities including customs and police.

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