About us

Established in 1983, IRFAN & IRFAN is legal advisor to many successful companies, Corporations, authorities, entrepreneurs, business families and individuals. Our diverse
Practice areas cover and cater for our clients’ every legal need, be it personal or business Related. Our client oriented approach and an effort to go beyond the obvious has over the Years helped us cement relationships with clients becides adding illustrious names to our
Client base.

We go the extra mile to ensure our presence and accessibility. Be it a multimedia presentation on a business or financial model , an across the table negotiation, a case in court or a personal family settlement, we are there when our clients need us. Our lawyers successfully represent clients in all major areas of law practice including corporate and business, e-commerce, taxation, securities, oil and gas, telecommunications, real estate, trademark and copyright, patent and technology, banking and civil litigation, constitutional petitions and issues unique to family-owned businesses.

Many of the firm’s lawyers are recognized as leaders in their respective fields and regularly share their expertise, insight and advice by serving as guest lecturers and keynote speakers for leading businesses and professional organizations. Our lawyers stay abreast of new developments in their respective areas of practice giving clients the confidence that will affect their legal, business and personal matters.

Our most important measure is our integrity and the manner in which we recognize and respond to our clients’ concerns. Our lawyers clients must be practical and cost effective, hence, legal advice or litigation strategy is always client centered. The finest result of this work ethic and character has been our loyalty. We at irfan & irfan are proud of our tradition of setting high professional standards for our clients’ benefit and our competitors’ emulation.

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